The Smartest Entrepreneur's Guide To Thriving In 2023

These are interesting times for entrepreneurs, employers & employees: massive inflation, over N800 is just $1, and the world is preparing for a looming global recession.

For some, this is bad news. For even more, this is terrifying news. But for a select few, this can be a great opportunity to measurably grow and transform.

Which are you?

The principles we need to thrive in our businesses remain unchanged, especially when paired with cutting-edge global best practices. .

This is where this edition of the CORE Entrepreneurship & Employability Conference (CEEC) 2022 was born from:

The Smart Entrepreneur's Guide to Thriving in 2023

Holding on Saturday, December 3rd 2022 in Abuja (and virtually), we aim to equip CEEC attendees with the knowledge, skills and support system they need to weather and grow through the challenges in the coming year.

Benefits of Attending​

- Proven, practical training from successful models/entrepreneurs (or experts) in key areas of enduring business success

- Self-knowledge and skills required to bring out the best in you, your team and clients in challenging times

- Effective strategies and tactics to give you certainty and confidence in nurturing your business for this coming economic season and year.

- Access to the CORE Entrepreneur private community

- Free Google-My-Business Activation For Your Business So Your Customers Can Easily Find You Online

- Virtual Option So You Can Fully Participate From Anywhere in the World!

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